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Constituency Associations

A Constituent Association is created when at least ten members of NACO organised by the geographical location of their employment or their employment function, apply to the NACO Executive for establishment.

NACO has Constituent Associations representing members in relation to specific Societies and/or regions (the Co-operative Group South East Committee, Midland Co-operative, etc) and relating to specific employment functions (Pharmacy Professionals, Funeral Service Managers, etc).

From the members of the Constituent Association, nominations are sought to create a committee which, on matters of a purely domestic character, shall have full discretionary powers that shall conform to the rules of NACO. On matters of a national bearing, recommendations shall be subject to the confirmation of the General Council.

Constituent Associations meet as often as determined by local rules, but not normally more than four times per annum. The Associations are detailed below. For more information either contact the CA Secretary (listed below) or the NACO National Office on 0161 351 7900.


Constituency Association


CA Secretary

  Central & Eastern tCG District Association   Mr P W Dixon
  Heart of England Association   Ms M Emms
  Midcounties Association   Mr M Houghton
  Midlands Association   - vacancy -
  Channel Islands Association   Mr J Plumley
  South Eastern tCG Association   Mr Peter Bowler
  CFS Managers Association   Mr Neil Buist
  Co-op Retail Logisitcs   Mr Jack Devers
  Co-operative College   Mr Steve Kingham
  Co-operative HR Forum    Ms E Lowther
  Co-operative Loss Prevention Services Association   Mr Mark Foulds
  Co-operative Party   Ms Dorota Kseba (acting sec: Joe Fortune)
  Co-operatives UK   Ms Pat Wilson
  Funeral Services Managers (CFSMA) more details...   Mr Jim Lees
  Co-operative Pharmacy  
- vacancy -
  Phone Co-op more details...   Ms Sue Powell
  Robert Owen   Mr Bob Lister