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Co-operative Women's Challenge

The Women's Challenge aims to acheive gender balance within the co-operative movement, and to ensure that co-operative membership is properly represented across all structures and businesses. The three challenges are:


  • To enhance the presence of women at senior management levels within co-operative businesses. 
  • Ensure democratic structures are more representative of members.
  • Fulfilling the commitment to co-operative values and principles.


NACO is extremely supportive of the Women's Challenge and will be lending a great deal of help by lobbying collectively as the trade union of the management population at Co-operative Group and the independent societies, and also by reaching out to our members individually.

We will ensure that any future events/debates or programs are well circulated to our members, and we appeal to any NACO members wishing to get more involved to contact the NACO National Office

For more details, visit the  Co-operative Women's Challenge website  



As your union, NACO can also offer advice and assistance on any matter relating to homophobic or other bullying or discrimination, in or out of work: just contact the NACO National Office

The Co-operative Group has an LGBT network called 'Respect'. NACO fully supports the work and goals of the Respect network: to act as a hub for all things LGBT orientated within the Co-operative Group, and to ultimately create a community to engage LGBT colleagues as well as supporters of the network.
If you're a colleague at the Co-operative Group, you can Join Respect via the intranet or Exchange. Just click here


Religion and Beliefs

During 2008, the Diversity Committee looked at a form of guidance notes for members when dealing with colleagues who may have differing beliefs to their own and to assist in understanding what type of requests may be made for leave and when these may occur. The attached booklet is merely an overview of differing beliefs that may be seen within a diverse workplace. It does not mention every event for every religion or belief but concentrates on those more common religions or beliefs. For a copy of the document please download here.


Respect Works

The Diversity Committee within NACO has been reviewing the 'Dignity at Work - Respect Works' booklet over the past twelve months and brought it up to date following changes in legislation particularly the recent introduction of the Age Discrimination Legislation.

The up to date booklet can be downloaded here. If you have any difficulties downloading this document please contact registered Office on 0161 351 7900 in order that a hardcopy can be provided to you.