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Co-op Group Pay 2013

Co-operative Group: Pay Review 2013

NACO and the business are scheduled to meet and undertake meaningful negotiation regarding the Annual Salary Review in the coming weeks. We are seeking to reach an agreement with the Group to enable implementation at the commencement of period 4.

Pay claim details
A pay claim of 3.5% was lodged with the business on 12th November 2012. Further details of the claim are provided below:

  • A variable pay matrix to be agreed with NACO and applied consistently across Role Band 4-1 to ensure equal performance provides equal reward across the family of businesses
  • A flat-rate increase to salaries for all Role Band 5 managers
  • Establishment of a bonus scheme for all Role Band 5 managers of up to 7.5%
  • Salaries at the top of the band not to be detrimented by variable pay, and to rise as determined by the pay process
  • Role Band maximums and minimums to rise in line with the pay award
  • A formalised London weighting allowance
  • Shift allowances not included when establishing colleagues' position in the salary range

To understand the view of membership, NACO would now like to consult with all affected members and has opened a web-survey to understand your expectations of the settlement. Please click the link below and ensure your voice is heard.
                    CLICK HERE and take the survey 
NACO's bargaining team (NACO General Secretary, NACO President, and members of the Co-operative Group Council) will meet with the business today, 4th February 2013, to commence negotiation of the pay review for 2013. Your views are essential in ensuring the bargaining team reach an equitable settlement.

Recognising performance
NACO is acutely aware of the wider economic climate, and the performance of the Co-operative Group over the past 2 years. That said, we are encouraged by strong trading results in the Food business over Christmas, and the success of Format-led store trials. Group-wide, the Funeralcare and Pharmacy businesses continue to perform well and Legal Services is in a strong position with huge growth forecast.

Viewing the future prospects of the Group as a whole, the dedication and hard work of NACO managers cannot be underestimated. NACO's negotiated settlements for 2011 and 2102 were above UK averages. With regards to the 2013 pay award, we believe the Co-operative Group should look to make a pay award at least in line with inflation projections.

The wider context
Recent pay awards & projections:

  • Retail staff covered by the Retail Co-operative Societies' pay agreement received increases of 2.5 percent, effective from 1 October 2012.
  • Income Data Services predict the 2013 median pay award for retail & wholesale to be 2.5%.
  • Retail staff at Sainsbury's have received a general increase of 2.5 per cent effective 2 September 2012, 0.5% higher than the March 2012 Managers' award.

Inflation Projections:

  • Independent forecasters reported on by HM Treasury in January 2013, predict inflation as measured by the Retail Price index (RPI) to rise by 2.5% over the year.
  • CPI forecasts for the same period predict a rise of 2.2%

As soon as we have any further information regarding our progress in negotiations, we will communicate with all affected members by email.

Please contact the NACO National Office should you wish to discuss this, or any other matter, with a NACO Official.