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Co-op Group Salary Bands

The Co-operative Group

Pay 2013

As part of the 2012 annual pay review NACO agreed to changes to the pay scales to accurately reflect the market benchmarking for the Role Bands 5 to 2. Those scales are shown below:

We have received a number of queries regarding the fact that there has been no movement in the 2013 review. Please see below a response from the business to better understand why there has been no movement in 2013.

"On an annual basis, the salary ranges are benchmarked against the external market to ensure they remain aligned.

Earlier this year, the benchmarking exercise was undertaken and the outcome of this review demonstrated that our ranges continue to remain competitive against the market. As a result, there are no movement to existing ranges, and therefore the salary ranges remain unchanged for 2013. A full review of our salary ranges will next be undertaken in early 2014.

Due to the challenging economy in which organisations are having to operate, annual salary reviews are modest with pay freezes commonplace.  This explains why year and year we are not seeing movement in pay levels."

Katherine Savage
Head of Reward

If you would like to speak with a NACO Official on any matter, please contact the NACO National Office.