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Co-operative Group: Annual Salary Review 2014

the Co-operative Group
Annual Salary Review 2014


Members will be aware that NACO has been in negotiation with the Co-operative Group for some time regarding the 2014 Salary Review. Further to previous communications we can now confirm that negotiations have concluded.

It is regretful that this process has taken so long to resolve, owing to the business's focus on reform, and a program of disposals including the sale of Farms, Pharmacy and Sunwin Services.

NACO can assure all colleagues that any award will be backdated to the official review date of 23rd March, and could be payable on 30th October should NACO members indicate acceptance via the online survey linked below.

Please read this information carefully before making any decision. A link to an indicative survey has been provided to members by email (contact us if you have not received the email).

Resultsn will be used to guide NACO's Co-operative Group Council in either acceptance, or a postal ballot of members.


A Flat-Rate Offer of 1.2%
Since July NACO has met with the business numerous times to seek clarity on their earlier flat rate offer. As you may recall, further dialogue was required regarding eligibility in some business areas.

As in previous years any colleague that has joined the business, or seen an improvement in salary due to role change since 1st January 2014 will be out of scope for any increase.

Pharmacy Colleagues
We can now confirm that the Co-operative Group's offer of 1.2% will exclude those colleagues in-scope to TUPE transfer from Co-operative Pharmacy to Bestway. Negotiations will continue with Bestway in order to secure a settlement for colleagues once the transfer process concludes.

For all non-Pharmacy colleagues, the offer is proposed as a flat rate 1.2% increase regardless of performance rating or position in salary band. 

NACO Recommends Member Approval
Whilst the Co-operative Group has achieved its reform plans and raised capital from the sale of businesses, there is still much work to do to fully resolve the finance situation of the Society.

Interim results published 4th September 2014 show a marked overall improvement, but a downward shift in operating profit in Food, Funerals, General Insurance and Legal Services. Considering this financial position, NACO recommends approval of the flat-rate 1.2% award as part of our commitment to work with the business in ensuring there is a solid platform for recovery and future growth of the Society. 

As part of the Co-operative Group's recovery plan there is ongoing consultation with the trade unions regarding pay and reward. NACO will communicate regularly with members throughout this process; seeking to agree a fair and equitable system of reward which benefits all members.

NACO remains committed to representing the view of membership on all workplace issues. Please use the survey emailed to members to indicate your approval/disapproval of the 1.2% flat-rate salary increase proposed by the Co-operative Group.

This survey closes at 5pm on Friday 19th September so that results can be fully considered by NACO's Co-operative Group Council before cutoff for payroll implementation on 30th October.

Members wishing to speak with a NACO Official on this or any matter should contact the NACO National Office