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Funeralcare Salary Differential

Funeralcare Operational Management Grading Panel 2013
PFD/Hub Manager Salary Differential

This year's Management Grading Panel met on 11th April in Manchester and deliberated over the submissions received this year from Managers and Regional Managers.

Decisions were reached on all submissions and applicants have been notified accordingly with over two thirds of applications receiving positive responses.

PFD/Hub Manager Salary Differential
This year’s discussions also addressed concerns that the salaries of operational managers looking after smaller units may be being encroached by the rate of Principal Funeral Directors in the National Funeralcare Agreement. Those discussions culminated in a guarantee being made by Funeralcare going forward.

With effect from 1st April 2013, the minimum differential between the current Funeralcare agreement salary for a Principal Funeral Director and the salary for a Manager on appointment  (not including Assistant Managers) will be £3,000. This will also apply to current managers whose differential is less than £3,000 and this will be backdated to 1st April 2013.

It was noted that variable pay in 2013 and subsequent years may still have a bearing on the salaries of those managers and that the differential may alter going forward (up and down) but the starting point would always remain at £3,000 differential.

Neil Buist, NACO General Secretary commented "we are delighted that the business has recognised that this salary differential needed to be improved. NACO have lobbied for an improvement in this area for some time and having now secured a £3,000 differential is a great result for our members".

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