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GI, CFSMS & Reclaim Fund: Joint TU Pay Annoucement

GI, CFSMS and Reclaim Fund - 9th Sept 2014

Joint TU Announcement

This newsletter details the 2014 pay offer, and in the light of continuing difficult trading conditions, your union negotiators are recommending acceptance of this offer.  Please read the offer carefully before making your decision.

Both NACO and Unite recognise the economic situation continues to be difficult for members. We were looking for an increase above inflation (currently CPI 1.6% and RPI 2.5%) as our members would expect.  However, the final offer is an across the board increase of 1.2%.  Details as follows -   

1.   1.2% increase to pay - with effect from and backdated to 1 April 2014

2.   In relation to the G2 Customer Advisers in GI Sales & Service contact centres, who are outside of the CAPP increase process because they have reached the market reference salary level, an additional 1% increase to pay (total 2.2%) again with effect from and backdated to 1 April 2014.

3.   Normal eligibility rules will be applied (e.g. some recent appointees, colleagues recently awarded an increase for a promotion, would not receive the increase).  However, the business won’t apply pay band caps nor would the increase be subject to a performance matrix according to individual performance.  This should help to ensure the widest possible coverage for the pay review.

Given the poor annual results recently announced, the business has expressed that it does need to continue to control costs as far as possible. In view of continuing economic difficulties, we believe this offer represents the most your trades unions can achieve by negotiation for the 2014 annual pay review. 

Cast Your Vote

The decision on any pay offer rests solely with union members.  Should members choose to accept the pay offer, increases to base pay will be backdated to 1st April.  NACO will be conducting a postal ballot, and details will be issued shortly.