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Historic motion passed at NACO AGM

A significant and historic motion was passed yesterday at the 100th NACO Annual General Meeting, to allow the NACO Executive to start formal discussions about a potential transfer of the Union's engagements into SATA, the Supervisory, Administrative and Technical Association, which is the Management Section of USDAW, the Union of Shop, Distributive & Allied Workers.

This effectively opens the door for NACO to formally merge into SATA.

This follows a period of uncertainty for NACO during which time there has been a significant drop in membership for the Union, and the obvious concerns that this drop has brought.

The AGM overwhelmingly voted to allow talks to begin, and now it is up to the NACO Executive, led by the Interim General Secretary, Bob Lister, to progress matters.

Obviously, these are very early days, but NACO will regularly keep members up to date with all developments as the occur, and whilst members will wish to understand the implications for their membership should this happen, at present it is too early to give any specific details apart from the fact that NACO will be seeking the best possible outcomes for all members during any relevant discussions, and nothing will change in the immediate future.

Interim General Secretary Bob Lister said:

"Whilst this is a very sad day for the Union, it is a necessary step forward to look at a potential transfer into SATA, as the alternative could have seen the complete collapse of NACO due to the falls in membership we've witnessed over the past few years.

The Union is exceptionally mindful that all members are fully considered in the talks that will start shortly, and at some stage could be asked to vote on the proposals, should the discussions move to that position."

Further regular updates will be sent to members, and also via the website, but the NACO Head Office can be contacted on 0161 351 7900 or via