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Instrument of Transfer and Member Ballot

NACO is pleased to advise you that, following the Special General Meeting last month, the Certification Officer has now received all the relevant documentation for the Instrument of Transfer required to consider the transfer of NACO into SATA/USDAW, and has granted Final Approval to allow a ballot of the NACO Active membership to take place, hopefully in the next few days.

When members receive their forms, they will note that the Notice to members purely states 'USDAW' rather than 'SATA'. This is for legal reasons, as SATA is a section within the main Union, USDAW.


The General Secretary of USDAW, John Hannett (above right), and the Interim General Secretary (IGS) of NACO, Bob Lister (above left), added their signatures to the Instrument of Transfer prior to it being sent to the Certification Officer, and this completes the work required to allow any transfer to progress.

Bob Lister, IGS of NACO added:
"Although this is a sad day as it signifies the potential end of the National Association of Co-operative Officials after 100 years, it is necessary to ensure robust union representation continues for the benefit of our members throughout the Co-operative Movement, and the Association believes that USDAW is the correct home for our members in maintaining a strong voice moving forward."

This sentiment was echoed by the NACO Executive which added that a vote against a transfer of engagements to SATA/USDAW would potentially mean a sizeable challenge to the support that NACO has always been able to give to members, and therefore recommends a vote in favour of transfer.

The ballot will be held over a 3-week period, with the outcome hopefully being reached by mid-February.

Please therefore accept this communication as a final reminder for members to ensure NACO has the most up-to-date home address, if you’ve not already done so.

Further communications will be made once the ballot has ended.

In the meantime, if members wish to discuss this, or any other matter with the Association, please do not hesitate to contact a NACO Official at the Registered Office on 0161 351 7900 or via email at [email protected]


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