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Potential Transfer FAQs


Further to the recent regional meetings held at various locations we agreed to send out the FAQ's to the membership.

Please see the collation of the questions below.

Who is SATA and how does SATA fit into USDAW? 
SATA is the Supervisory, Administrative & Technical Association, and is the Management section of USDAW. SATA has roughly 10,000 members, largely in Tesco, but the other major supermarkets too.

When could any ballot for transfer take place? 
This depends on a number of factors as the Certification Office needs to be involved with the detail of any proposed transfer. The current thinking is that any ballot of NACO members could take place around October/November, and if members vote in favour, the transfer would take place early in 2018.

What will happen to the Collective Bargaining Agreements currently agreed with NACO? 
These will remain as they are. SATA will simply take on the arrangements with the employers that NACO negotiates with.

We currently receive excellent individual representation from the NACO Officials, will this remain under SATA? 
NACO understands that the present arrangement of members being represented by a Full Time Official will continue under SATA from one of their National or Regional Officers.

What subscriptions would be payable should the transfer into SATA take place? 
We have been advised that the SATA subscriptions are the same as USDAW subscriptions, and are currently £2.34 per week for full-time members and £1.47 per week for part-time members. Any changes to these rates would be advised to members in advance.

What membership does USDAW have within the Co-operative Group? 
NACO understands that USDAW have some 46,000 members within the Co-operative Group, but is unaware of the figure within the other retail co-operatives.

What majority would be required to see NACO transfer into SATA? 
Basically, a majority of those voting would be sufficient to allow any transfer to take place.

What would happen in respect of the Annual Salary Reviews (ASR) for management and clerical members? Will they still take place separately? 
NACO understands that this could well be the case, as SATA will take on NACO’s role in any future ASR negotiations, however this will be something that will continue to be discussed prior to any ballot on the proposed transfer.

What will happen to any Partnership Agreements that NACO currently has with the Co-operative College and Co-ops UK, for example? 
Again, NACO understands that these Agreements will simply pass on to SATA. However, NACO is currently discussing these matters with the employers themselves and the hope is that these will remain. Both SATA and USDAW are very keen to ensure that the Agreements continue and that the members covered by those Agreements receive the benefit of what the new Union will be able to offer.

Is SATA aware of the restructures that have taken place within the Co-operative Group and the Independent Societies, and how these are now positioned? 
Yes, as USDAW will be aware from a clerical perspective, however NACO will ensure there is a detailed integration with SATA following any proposed transfer.

How would any transfer into SATA affect our current NACO terms with our employer, for example, Severance terms? 
As above, any collective terms made by NACO with any employer would simply move to SATA should any potential transfer take place.

Will there be a dedicated Representative of SATA looking after former NACO members? 
At present NACO understands that former NACO members would be looked after by a number of Full-Time Officers from within SATA, both at National and Regional level, effectively maintaining the same structure that members see within NACO. More detail about these Officers would be advised should the proposed transfer take place.

Are SATA/USDAW simply looking to take current NACO assets and walk away from NACO members? 
This is certainly not the case. Both SATA and USDAW are looking at this proposed transfer to increase their scope within all the Co-operatives where NACO currently exists, and to drive further recruitment, which has been a difficulty for NACO to resource for some time.

What would happen to the current benefits we can use as part of our NACO membership? 
These would largely transfer over, however SATA and USDAW have a whole range of Union benefits that all members are able to use. Further details can be found via

Where is the SATAHead Office? 
The SATA Head Office is the USDAW Head Office, and is based in Fallowfield, Manchester.

As mentioned, should the talks lead to a constructive conclusion, members will get the opportunity to vote on any proposals before a transfer can take place.

Further regular updates will be sent to members, and also via the website, but the NACO Head Office can be contacted on 0161 351 7900 or via

If you would like to speak with a NACO Official on any issue, please contact the NACO National Office.